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Obracana Karta
Obracana Karta


It’s not always easy to measure time on the app development shelf – it’s a bit like preparing a recipe for a masterful dinner. Every ingredient and every step requires precise attention. Depending on the complexity of the application, we can predict that the mobile application development process will take from 1.5 to 6 weeks. But remember that our professional team of developers works constantly to provide you with the highest quality product in the shortest possible time.

You’re looking forward to it, aren’t you? We’re happy to announce that our fast and efficient business card creation process can deliver your finished design in just a few business days! Remember that quality is our priority, so we always take the time to verify to ensure your project is flawless.

Yes! Welcome to the digital world where borders are only an illusion. Both the process of creating an application and ordering company business cards can be easily and conveniently carried out online. From consultation, through the design stage, to the final delivery of the project – all this can be done without leaving your desk.

The price of a business card depends on its complexity and the options you choose, but we have something for every budget. Our simple but elegant business cards start from PLN 2,000 net, while more complex and non-standard designs can be an investment from PLN 4,000 net. Remember that a professionally designed business card is an investment in the image of your company.

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